About Us


"Energy saving! Our top priority."

Was born with the mission to help customers solve system investment solutions to save energy, construction and electromechanical works effectively, Lap Nguyen Corporation has been pursuing a policy of good governance results, benefits of using energy efficient savings Lap Nguyen Corporation ongoing commitment to maintaining a policy of continuous improvement for each extra day on their service quality, to every project, we have more new friends.

CEO Nguyen Tri Thong

If energy is not one of your concern, how about your next generation? 

The demand for energy sources has been increasing dramatically in the past several decades. The Greenhouse effect which causes the heat to be lot in winter and absorbed more in summer, consuming more and more the natural energy. What will be left for our next generation?

The Greenhouse is affecting significantly to energy sources nature. Conferences about climate change, warning of melting ice of caps from scientists that encourage people not to waste energy held regularly all over the world. It probably reflects a worry reality that the globe is gradually warming up and the energy resources are running out. We are facing a huge challenge ever to find out renewable sources which are friendly to the environment, cheap, and easy to use.

What are the solutions for puzzle of conserving energy and expenses?

Sympathizing with the concern and understanding efforts as well as the rightful desire of taking advantages of clean energy, we are running join- stock company name Lap Nguyen that is established with business registration certificate No 0309349928 from Department of Planning and Investment of Ho Chi Minh City.

We proud of cooperate with excellent employees who own skillful techniques, always stay in process of highly professional improvement to respond all constructing requirements from individual range to the big organization one. We always hope to be one of the prestigious companies which could support solving challenges in saving energy, achieving a cost- saving price, and effectively executing mechanical electricity for our partners through our products such as Inflector - An Innovative Solution for Optimizing the Energy Savings and Sustainable Value of Windows,Solatube solar energy daylighting Pipe, cooling Topps products, protecting agents, Solar Panel…These products could satisfy your demands to get the best our of this renewable energy source.

In a decade in the market, we never stop improving, applying new technologies and training human resources, resulting in solving well the issues of how to save energy. Each time of completing new projects, we are full of happiness. If you want to both saving money and having the right energy solution, let Lap Nguyen accompany with in the journey.

1. The best benefits

To factories

  • Reducing production and operation fee, increasing profit

To country

  • Saving energy sources  in our country and decreasing energy importing fee

To worldwide

  • Diminishing worry for the Greenhouse effect
  • Maintaining stability in the environment

2. Development processing

Lap Nguyen Corporation was established and this is the most important milestone. We provide executing, installing and guarantee services.

Only two years in the market, Lap Nguyen achieved another important milestone, expanding the services to designing, constructing and providing equipment. Achieved the third milestone in establishing refrigerate warehouse, clean room and providing specialized equipment for supermarket.

Put the first step into the energy-saving industry and become Solatube’s representative in Vietnam

From 2015 to Now
Never stop improving in delivering solutions and human resources, making our position in the energy-saving industry in Vietnam.

Sale objectives
Energy saving products: not only do we provide high-quality products from USA, Germany, Australia.., which will help your companies and families save cost, but also we are fortunate enough to have an excellent technical team. Lap Nguyen’s skillful IT engineers can definitely detect product defect before launching.

Building M&E systems, refrigerator warehouse, clean room, solutions for smart electric system and provide specialized equipment for supermarkets. Ensuring electric safety is the most priority in any organizations. As we are well-train in this field. We can guarantee our best services.

These issues such as soaking, roof and wall leaking or heat raising or losing will affect our daily lives badly. With our America waterproof, anti-leak, heating- reducing products, you will not need to worry anymore. We will help solve your problems.